ROTRA Ihr Partner für Automation seit 1987 RO tation + TRA nslation = Automation Controllers are the core of automation. We develop individual solutions for different applications. Every drive axis is equipped with an axis controller with a microprocessor. A master controller or a PC communicates with many of such axis controllers. There is no limitation for the amount of axes. Programming, installation and test are easy to understand due to the modular stucture and the use of parallel processes. All customer commands are pure text commands. The communication with the PC is via Rs232 or USB. Our master processor boards communicates with up to 12 axes. Interpolation using all 12 axes (not in real time) is possible. The PC based program calculates the comlicated motions, transfers the position commands as a package to the master. The master controlls by hardware the status of the slaves and executes the program flow.   Example: 3 stations of 5 axes each controlled via 3 independent USB channels. Example: controller with display, built to customer´s wish Universal axis controller with micro stepping for 2-phase step motors We developed a series of application specific controller boards. The in house board layout enables the use of up to date electronic components. We are using modern CPLD (complex programmable logic device) to integrate the function of many ICs in one device. A compiler software is taking the job of defining the inside routing of the CPLD. The boards are smaller and less complex by using such components. We integrate analogue input and output devices according to customer´s wish. One board is providing: LR272C basic version Microcontroller  Serial port TTL  8 digital outputs TTL  8 digital inputs TTL 4 digital inputs for limit and reference switches 2 analogue inputs 0..5 V  2 D/A converter for variable micro steps 1/4 to 1/200   Driver with power stages   2 phase a 2.5 A at 12 to 50 V   max. driving current adjustable by software  max. holding current adjustable by software  Software in EPROM  Communication with master or PC Selectable axis number (DIL switch) Ramp generation for acceleration and deceleration 100 speeds, 20 ramps Automatic step length adjustment Limit switch control, reference drive  External pulse input possible Customer specific subroutines available LR272C CL version with encoder counter 32 bit counter for encoder signals 3 Line Driver 20mA receiver for (A,B,Z) signals  Positioning in closed loop using encoders or glass scales Short delivery time.  back to product overview ROTRA Your partner for automation since 1987