ROTRA Ihr Partner für Automation seit 1987 RO tation + TRA nslation = Automation Probot probe robot Microassembly Inspection Devices for laboratory and glass industry are developed in close cooperation with the Bronnbach Branch of the Fraunhofer-Institut Silicatforschung ISC. Development   AUTOJUST calibration unit for pipettes and burette tubes. Photo: Copyright Fraunhofer Gesellschaft A series of machines for calibration of flasks, cylinders, pipettes and burettes can be delivered. Machine types as Aquajust, Autojust, SpeedCal, QCC have been delivered. Special ROTRA know how:   Force controlled grinding of glass cylinders with optical control. Machines: Compact 3-station calibration machine for volumes up to 30 ml. Software: The use of video processing enables precise positioning         and measurement. Applications ROTRA Your partner for automation since 1987