ROTRA Ihr Partner für Automation seit 1987 RO tation + TRA nslation = Automation    The development of software takes place on different levels.   Delphi - definition and visualization of processes A lot of automation jobs have been done by using Delphi. We take advantage of the convenient programming language to show a process, to define the programs and to send them to the controllers and for many more. Target - wiring and PCB definition and routing We are using Target to define schematics and develop PCBs. Let us know your jobs and the preferred hardware if known. Solid Works - CAD We use SolidWorks. It is a modern Windows based, parametric, volume oriented CAD system. Microprocessors - assembly and other tools The fast progress in the electronics field keeps us open for new products. We are prepared to develop PCB in short time to take advantage of the new functions available. Please ask for your individual application. back to product overview ROTRA Your partner for automation since 1987